The main owners of Infocar, Per-Henrik Persson (CEO) and Ken Scott (Chairman) started in automotive diagnostics around 1986 developing and selling diagnostic tools in the companies Autodiagnos AB and GenRad Ltd. In 1992 Per-Henrik started Infocar AB and Ken started Accutest Ltd specialising in automotive training, PC-based diagnostics, in-vehicle network communications and telematics.

The main areas for these companies were:


  • Design, development and support of CAN-based network protocols
  • Development of diagnostic systems and validation software
  • Telematics product developments


  • Development of web based automotive training programs
  • Design of a PC-based diagnostic product (Workshop Master)
  • On-going design of the connected car concept Infocar Connect

With this background we believe that Infocar has a strong team to develop the new connected car platform Infocar Connect with state-of-the-art hardware/firmware and mobile apps for diagnostics, eco-driving, fleet management and other automotive areas. Infocar will also develop fault finding apps based on direct analysis of data from the CANbus.

In the Infocar team we also have highly skilled developers of Android and iPhone mobile apps, combining their skills with our own graphic designers.

Infocar Connect

Infocar has developed and launched a wireless multi-purpose car interface that can be connected to more than 500 million cars today. The company has used its long experience in car electronics/diagnostics development to implement a number of unique features, including the possibility to communicate with all sub-systems in the many of the car makes, and a long-term parameter log function (which e.g. can aid the process of finding rare intermittent faults).

The communication protocol to the car is based on a global standard called OBD with local names like E-OBD for Europe, OBD2 for US and J-OBD for Japan.

As Infocar has developed all parts in the chain (from the car interface hardware/firmware to the mobile apps for iPhone and Android), it is possible to customize features for larger customers like car manufacturers, workshop chains etc.

Updates of the mobile apps are done by downloading new versions from App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android). The car interface itself can easily be updated wirelessly via the smartphone.